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Party Pooper
Party Pooper

Party Pooper

A hilarious yet tender and sincere picture book about making mistakes, owning up to them, and asking forgiveness.

Every party has a pooper. You may not have wanted one. But, inevitably, every party will have one. So what should you do?

Maybe you can interest the pooper in a game? Hopefully the pooper doesn't lay down in defeat in the middle of your Twister mat . . . oh, he's laid down right on the blue dot you needed.

Perhaps you can entice the pooper with a cake? Unless the pooper sticks his booger-y finger into the layer you were most excited to eat . . . sigh.

Oh, I know what to do! Let's. Party. HARDER.

Until . . . things get taken too far. Then it might be time to take a step back and do the hardest thing of all: apologize.

In Party Pooper, Jennifer Gray Olson tackles complex SEL themes with expertise, grace, and laugh-out-loud humor.