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Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

Blending the palettes and imaginations of Eric Carle and Jon Klassen, this debut picture book is the irresistibly quirky story of a tiny, unassuming rock's journey to self-confidence.

In a world full of glittering crystals, geodes, and gemstones, one pebble finds it hard to love his dull and gray exterior. And after a trip to the Museum of Rocks, he fails to see himself represented in the institution's regal halls.

Until he finds a sign for the World's Most Beautiful Gem. In the sparkling, gorgeous facets of a gigantic diamond, he sees something beautiful: his own reflection.

With deadpan wit and stunning art, Linda Liu's debut cracks the rock-hard struggle of insecurity and finds a precious gem of a story about identity and self-acceptance that will have readers laughing along with its infectious warmth and cheering on its charming hero.