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The Disappearing Mr. Jacques
The Disappearing Mr. Jacques

The Disappearing Mr. Jacques

Ta-da! A dazzling magician is willing to teach readers his most closely-held tricks in this cheekily fun, interactive picture book.

Do you believe in magic? No? Well, clearly you have never witnessed the astonishing, bewildering, disappearing Mr. Jacques. 

Watch closely. He can wedge himself into the spine of this book, or drape himself across its pages. He can disappear before your very eyes! But is he really gone? If you listen, you can hear his cane tapping on the windows, and his boots pitter-pattering across the floor. And if you pay very close attention, maybe he will teach you some of his tricks, too.

Perfect for fans of There's a Dragon in Your Book and The Book of Mistakes, this is a magic show you can hold in your hands that will stay with you long after Mr. Jacques' final disappearance.