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Book cover image

The eXpets


Perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Dog Man, this first book in a hilarious new middle grade graphic novel series follows a stinky dog reluctantly recruited by a team of super-pets to rescue missing kittens!

Bosco the dog loves being a house pet, loves his comfy dog bed and nice big house and, of course, his favorite toy kitty. So when two burglars break in, Bosco defends his home with all his might, which includes releasing some well-timed—and near supersonic—stink that repels the would-be thieves. With his foes in retreat, Bosco thinks it’s all over…until a robot descends from the sky.

The flying robot delivers Bosco to the city and tells him that, due to his unusual “abilities,” he’s been chosen to become one of the eXpets, a team of superheroes with extraordinary abilities who team up to solve problems of all sizes. Bosco would be joining a turtle mastermind, a laser-eyed kitty, Wonder-Guppy, and Ginormous Gerbil. The mission? Rescuing the world’s kittens, who have all gone mysteriously missing. Bosco isn’t sure he’s all that extraordinary and certainly doesn’t enjoy tasks with a lot of pressure. But…how can he turn his back on kittens?!

Can the ragtag group move past getting off on the wrong paw to track down the catnapped cuties and save the day?