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The Trail of Lost Hearts
The Trail of Lost Hearts

The Trail of Lost Hearts

New York Times bestselling author Tracey Garvis Graves takes readers on a life affirming journey, where two lost souls find the unexpected courage to love again.

Wren Waters' life has just fallen apart--not only has her fiance died, but while at his deathbed, she discovered a secret that shattered her: he wasn't just married, but married with children.

Afraid her entire life is a lie, she escapes to the Pacific Northwest for a week getaway and throws herself into the world of geocaching, a hobby for modern-day treasure hunters. A chance encounter with another geocacher, Marshall Hendricks, Psy. D., has them uniting on their quest to explore the backwoods of Oregon--and new paths away from grief.

As a psychologist, Marshall wants to have it all together. After his brother's death and a hard breakup, he finds himself a changed man. Looking for an escape, Wren might be just what he needs to chart a new course for the future.

Together, Wren and Marshall are facing the open wilderness and deciding if their brief trip together can be the basis for something new. After Wren returns home, what remains of their relationship leaves them asking: what does the future look like after loss?

If they can let each other in, they might find what they've both been looking for--a future that holds something spectacular.