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Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus
Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

Zips and Eeloo Make Hummus

Zips and Eeloo are two aliens who think they are experts in all things human, like making hummus! But they aren’t exactly the experts they claim to be. Will Zips and Eeloo have hummus after all, or just one big, mushy mess? This graphic novel is great for readers who are just beginning their graphic novel journey!

In this hilarious and colorful graphic novel, readers will learn how to make hummus alongside the two alien friends. They'll clap and cheer as Zips and Eeloo look for a bowl (but get it confused with a bowling ball!), need to go to the grocery store for lemons, and eventually, make some super yummy hummus. This full-color graphic novel also includes a recipe for hummus in the back!

“Simple yet energetic dialogue by Boukarim (Hello Goodbye Little Island) combines with deliciously bright artwork from Lopez (LankyBox: Epic Adventure!), making the events of this goofy early reader graphic novel offering practically bounce off the page. It’s a warm and madcap meditation on teamwork, patience, and new experiences told through a comestible escapade starring cartoonish pseudo-siblings finding common ground in their love for chickpea paste.”  - Publisher's Weekly

"A mix of simple comedic ingredients with a few twists as garnish makes for a funny, fast read.”​ - Kirkus Reviews

"Lopez's expressive, witty artwork is full of comedic, slapstick energy and really complements the characters and the overall story. In addition to the playful, inviting story, Zips and Eeloo actually follow some good directions, and a recipe at the end will give kids a chance to try it on their own. Delicious fun." - Booklist

"With a heaping splash of side-eye, a dash of alien confusion, and a whole lot of garbanzo beans, Boukarim and Lopez have created the perfect recipe for a hilarious adventure that readers are sure to devour!" - Tara J. Hannon, author of Birtle and the Purple Turtles