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Jane's Patisserie Celebrate!
Jane's Patisserie Celebrate!

Jane's Patisserie Celebrate!


The fastest selling baking book of all time in the UK, Jane's Patisserie, from author and food blogger, Jane Dunn, offers 100 delicious bakes, cakes, and sweet treats, loved for being easy, customizable, and packed with everyone’s favorite flavors.

Good things come to those who bake!

From bestselling author Jane Dunn, the blogger and baker behind Jane's Patisserie, Celebrate! is packed with simple bakes, mouth-watering flavors, and iconic treats that will make every day special.

Whether you're looking for a fancy funfetti sponge cake for a birthday, a chunky Mini Egg Cookie for Easter, or a gooey S'more Muffin to add a little sparkle to your Sunday, this book has everything you need to treat yourself and celebrate every day.

Includes 70 new and exclusive recipes requested by her followers, a photograph for every recipe, popular classics from her blog—Mini Egg NYC Cookies, Chocolate Orange Cupcakes, Kinder Bueno Cheesecake—and more!