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Player vs Player: Ultimate Gaming Showdown
Player vs Player: Ultimate Gaming Showdown

Player vs Player: Ultimate Gaming Showdown

In this action-packed illustrated series that bestselling author Sean Easley calls "brightly funny, deeply relatable, and full of digital heart," four kid gamers meet at a virtual tournament and battle for the ultimate prize. Perfect for young fans of Ready Player One and Mr. Lemoncello's Library.

Sixty-four teams.
One mysterious grand prize.
Four gamers determined to win it all.

Welcome to Affinity, the hottest battle royale video game in the world! Gamers can be anything they want to be in Affinity's high-tech, magical universe—and test their skills in fierce PvP combat. So when Hurricane Games announces an epic tournament with killer prizes, four kids form a team that feels unstoppable . . . but also may be doomed from the start?

Josh is the tank . . . when his parents let him game.
Hannah is the melee fighter . . . but she can only play at the public library.
Larkin is the healer . . . as long as her family's not around.
Wheatley is the ranger . . . with a secret that might wreck the whole team.

As solo gamers, they're good. Really good. But the tournament is a whole new level of competition, and it'll take all four of them to bring it home. Can they step up their game in time for the final match?

Story Locale:Modern-day/real world + SF/F-inspired game

Series Overview: Publication Schedule
#1 Ultimate Gaming Showdown POB: Summer 2022
#1 Ultimate Gaming Showdown PBK: Summer 2023
#2 Attack of the Bots PBK Original: Summer 2023
#3: Summer 2024