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Book cover image

Wake Up The Beast!: A dinosaur game for all the family


Shake the box. Open the lid. And Wake up the Beasts!

A dinosaur game for all the family with 80 activity cards and an 80 page A–Z dinosaur book. Perfect for children aged 4 and upwards to play with their family and friends, with funny, fun, and fascinating activities, questions, and facts for everyone.

Take it in turns to walk like a Tyrannosaurus rex, jump like a Velociraptor and guess how many teeth Nigersaurus had. Discover more about each dinosaur in the cute A–Z dinosaur book. Hours of fun, laughter, and finding out for everyone—especially dinosaur fans.

DISCOVER 80 DINOSAURS: There is a card and a book entry for 80 different dinosaurs, each with illustrations, information, and a pronunciation guide.

PERENNIAL FAVORITE: Dinosaurs is a hugely popular subject, especially for the 4+ age-group.

BEAUTIFUL ART: Acclaimed artist Paul Daviz has created quirky, unique illustrations of dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before.

EXPERT AUTHORITY: Dr Neil Clark, Hunterian Museum, has ensured that all the dinosaur facts and illustrations are accurate, and include the latest finds and information.